Reduce Bias,
Attract Talent and
Hire for Competencies

We provide Case-Solving Software and Customised Cases that will help you achieve growth through a diverse and competent workforce. Discover talent and potential like never before.

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What is in it For You?

There are many benefits of including Innoflow’s case software and customised cases in your hiring process.

Here are the top ones:

Improve the Quality of Hires

Set expectations upfront and find the best candidates by identifying competencies.


Increase Diversity

Achieve growth through a diverse and competent workforce. 62,5% of hiring managers using Innoflow report that diversity increases significantly.


Predict Future Job Performance

Research has proven that cases are the best indicator of future job performance.


Build your Employer Brand

Innovate your brand experience by introducing an innovative and meaningful recruitment process.


Save Time and Cost

Find the ideal candidates that match the position while saving cost and time. In average, using Innoflow saves 30% of the time spe​nt screening applicants.


Improve Candidate Experience

Provide a realistic job preview and feedback for all candidates.

Bring Your Recruitment into the 21st Century

Reduce Bias, Attract Talent and
Hire for Competencies

This is What
Makes a Difference

Here is a fast introduction to our solutions and how we can help you achieve your goals with it.


Customised Landing Page

Showcase your Employer Brand



Monitor your data and traffic via marketing dashboard



Easily manage your recruitment in one place


Timeline setup

Provide an accurate overview of the deadlines


System Emails

Preview, customise, and send emails within the platform


Assessment criteria

Easily set assessment criteria to efficiently evaluate applicant solutions


Feedback for all

Create generated feedback within a few clicks


Unbiased Assessment

Avoid conscious and unconscious bias through blinded assessment

It’s a win-win Situation!

Not only do our clients share great feedback around case-based recruitment, but the candidates are also happy to have a chance to demonstrate their skills rather than sending a CV.

Why Clients love Innoflow

“I was looking for somebody for my team and out of five people that I interviewed, four of them I would never have picked if I just had looked at their CVs, and one of them is working at Vivino today.
It was challenging as I was used to CV and Cover letter to try to understand the candidate, but what really matters is if they can do the job and what kind of personality they have, and that is not something you can read from a CV or cover letter.”

Heidi Wassini

Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager at Vivino

Why Candidates love Innoflow

“I don’t think I would have ever applied for this job if it weren’t for the Innoflow process. I couldn’t understand very well what the position was about. But the idea of solving the case spiked my interest… so I went for it.”

“The process was bold and exciting. It was not only personally interesting but also professionally inspiring as it relates to other processes we work with at UserTribe.”

Ida Thyrring

Human Experience Consultant at UserTribe

We protect your Data

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In addition, Innoflow maintains the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized or unlawful processing and/or against accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or access, or accidental or unlawful destruction of or damage thereto.

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