Advisory Board


Ditte Buchwald

is Partner at Genux Executive, advising companies as well as individuals with a need for strategic counselling within organizational development, leadership and search. Ditte has a solid business oriented HR background previously as HR Director, EVP, at Saxo Bank and has 10+ years of experience with search and development. She holds extensive experience with talent development, and has solved a long list of organizational challenges nationally and internationally. Ditte holds a Master in Economics and Management (cand. oecon).


Kristian Hart-Hansen

is the CEO of LEO Innovation Lab, an independent unit of LEO Pharma, established to cultivate new technology to enable patients to prevent, detect and manage chronic skin conditions. Under Kristian’s leadership, LEO Innovation Lab has built several innovative digital platforms, leveraging technology such as AI, and real-time data collection. Kristian’s vision is to nurture a clinical journey that is more adaptable, patient-driven, and most importantly, more efficient.




Nickie Spile

has a solid background ranging from executive level in international companies, board memberships and management consulting to programme management in large foundations. Nickie is now a Managing Partner in Boardmeter, providing board evaluation services to boards of directors.

In addition, Nickie is doing volunteering work in start-ups as well as International Child Welfare Service and The Danish Food Bank.




Thomas Dahlgaard

is Director of Operations and part of the Executive Group at Jobindex A/S. Thomas has an extensive and wide variety of experience within e.g. organizational and business development, management, merge & acquisition, HR, data intelligence and sales.

Besides working at Jobindex, Thomas is a mentor at "Velkommen Hjem", helping army veterans finding civilian careers.




Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen

is a Project Manager at DTU Skylab, responsible for case competitions and company collaboration - including leading the open innovation programme Oi-X at DTU. Skilled and experienced within Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, and Start-up Ventures. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Master focused in Design & Innovation Engineering from the technical university of Denmark with 10+ years working on technology and business development in and for developing countries.




Asger Daugbjerg

is an Experienced entrepreneur and innovation expert residing in Singapore but working  across the globe with universities & colleges, companies and and other organizations.

Member of the Board at European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (EuroCham Singapore). Has worked with innovation as a discipline for decades - in advertising, consulting and think tanks.